Why Roadmaps Are Important For A Product Manager (1/5)

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Roadmaps are an extremely important part of Product Management. By creating and maintaining detailed roadmaps, Product Managers help a team stay on track and focus on execution as well as the finer details of prioritizing what is important for a product and its users.

In this video, Todd Birzer of Kevolve Product Management offers a well-rounded and short intro to Long-term product roadmaps, how to go about them and why they’re necessary to maintain sanity in a team’s workflow.Key Takeaways:

a. Roadmaps are time-based charts showing the planned evolution of a product & service.

b. Roadmaps help prioritize technology investments.

c. Help build breakthrough, market-leading products.

d. Provide long-term, sustained advantages.

e. New product development process: Market Intelligence -> Strategy -> Technology assesment -> Innovation ideas -> Roadmap -> New product development -> Launch

f. Roadmaps must be made by a Product Manager in alliance with R&D team.

g. Establish a roadmap team: A small group of senior Product Managers & R&D team staff.