With great power, should come great responsibility! (5/9)

When AI is going to change the humanity forever (already has done quite a lot in fact), those who are the front runners and the followers alike, have this responsibility to ensure, that they are not creating another ‘Frankenstein’

Because there would not be a turning back, when the shit hits the fan.

When we have moral code of conduct in our daily lives, ingrained since childhood; it is imperative that our creations, be it the algorithms or machines, also abide by them. 

Because in the machines, we ‘humans’ get manifested after all.

The creators responsibility lies in ensuring that both algorithms and resulting machines which are created are fair, accurate and intelligent enough to avoid any tangible or intangible (bias, inequality) harm. 

And they should be open about how their creation works and the way it is going to influence the lives of the people using it.

“When algorithms affect human rights, public values or public decision-making, we need oversight and transparency”

“When people fly in a plane, they do not need to know exactly how the plane works to feel safe flying. They just need to know that the plane abides by certain aviation safety regulations”.