Bangalore Based SaaS Security Testing Provider iViZ Acquired by Cigital

iViZ Security, an IDG Ventures funded pioneering cloud-based “Web and Mobile Application Security Testing” provider, is being acquired by Cigital Inc, a leader in software security services and solutions.iviz
Founded in 2006 by IITians Bikash Barai (CEO) and Nilanjan De (CTO), iViZ Security offers penetration testing or ethical hacking to the cloud and launching its proprietary Software-as-a-Service Platform’.
iViZ has around 500 customers worldwide with 70% revenue from USA and Europe. The company recorded a revenue growth of 57% last year and had achieved cashflow breakeven since late 2012. iViZ is planning to grow by 300% post the acquisition and aspiring to be one of the Top 3 players globally through this acquisition.
Cigital plans to leverage iViZ’s proprietary cloud platform and its technologies to offer 3D Unlimited Application Security Testing, featuring flexibility across three dimensions: the number of tests, the depth of tests, and the number of applications tested.

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