ixigo Kavach is a smart lock for stress-free travel.

Developed with cutting-edge technology, the smart lock creates an invisible shield around the bag to secure luggage while travelling. The bluetooth-enabled device with GPS technology allows the user to protect and track their luggage with just one click on their smartphone.

‘ixigo Kavach’ is a fully protected device which can only be unlocked via one’s phone or fingerprint. The device activates various lock modes such as ‘electronic shockwave’ which gives out an extreme electric shock if someone tries stealing the bag.

In addition, one can set custom sound messages such as “yeh mera bag hai”, “haath mat lagana”, which the lock will play as soon as someone takes the bag out of its defined geo-fence (proximity to the phone).
It will also notify the owner by sending them a message on their phone about the breach.



Hello World.

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