iXiGo launches trip planner – Now planning a trip becomes easier than ever

clip_image002Planning to drive down to a particular destination but not sure about how to reach there or what places to visit? Usually you would Google information from various sources but wouldn’t it be nice if all information was served to you on a single platter. Enter iXiGO.com, India’s leading travel search engine and its trip planning and travel research platform ‘Trip Planner’ – a first for India. It presents curated travel content for modes of transportation, estimated fuel consumption, driving directions, eateries, places to visit etc visually. What else do you need?

And it’s not driving directions alone…you can look for other modes of transportation across flights, trains, buses and taxis too! Basically it all depends on the type of query you input. It shows relevant destination information with the top recommendations from the web. Currently the planner supports queries across 250 Indian cities covering modes of transportation, cheapest/fastest modes, distance, driving directions etc.

We enquired ‘Mumbai to Goa’ and this is what we got. The app yielded several interesting options for the journey, ranging from the fastest combination of a flight and a taxi, to the cheapest combination of a train and a bus. In addition, the Trip Planner also showed the distance, driving directions for the trip and for Goa – weather, what to see, top restaurants, top hotels in budget, mid-range and luxury categories, and nearby destinations of interest. You can further deep-dive into each category and get detailed information on locations, descriptions, rates / entry fees, opening times, best time to visit and more. Trust us…it’s really good. Pushes off all hassles of searching information from 15 different sources!ixigo_trip

With the launch of this app iXiGO.com aims to evolve from being a travel search engine to becoming an interactive travel knowledge engine, by developing an understanding of common travel-related queries and answering them just like a human being would. This would get further enhanced with more features and functionalities as we broaden our understanding of travel queries in the near future.

Speaking to Pluggd.in, Aloke Bajpai, CEO and Co-founder, iXiGO.com said “With Trip Planner, we are creating a paradigm shift in how travellers research and consume travel information! We are also working on the mobile app of Trip Planner and plan to cover top tourist destinations in India in the next 6 months.”

iXiGO.com made inroads into semantic search earlier this year, with the launch of a natural language search tool on Facebook and Twitter that understands flight queries made by users of these platforms and responds to them instantly.

With Google’s launch of its Knowledge Graph the quest for understanding user queries and presenting relevant, curated, contextual information is gathering steam and iXiGO’s Trip Planner is a right step in that direction. We suggest you use the app yourself and see how it fares. We await your feedback.

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