iXiGO Launches Mobile Game Yo! India [Review]

Travel a lot? Know about places in India and their significant structures? Then this one’s for you. Three months after the launch of its Trip Planner iXiGO.com has launched Yo! India*, a destination trivia gaming app for Apple and Android users. The app tests your IQ of Indian destinations by quizzing you.

It throws up a question and gives you four possible answers for the same. Select one within 15 seconds and it takes you to the next question. Every 332 points +3 consecutive correct answers give you additional 300 points. One needs to achieve seven levels starting as a ‘Beginner’, moving up to the level of ‘Scout’ and the final destination of becoming a ‘Travel God’. And you have three lives each. For every wrong answer you break one heart and the game ends when all three lives are exhausted.
You can check your score vis-a-vis other players on the scoreboard, win badges, and share your scores and achievements on Facebook. The game is pretty addictive and interesting barring a few points here and there.

Like some images given to recognise a city are insignificant and not many would know about them even if they’ve visited the place. Also questions asked from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Scout’ level need to be organised in a better way as one may not have travelled every place and this does not form a strong basis to declare a winner. For this we suggest a destination state or city category to be created and then be tested among players. The information tab on the game that says ‘ Hint: If you get caught up in the game visit www.ixigo.com/trip-planner to discover the answers’, is not so much of a hint because one really does not get the answer from trip planner. It just seems a way to promote Trip Planner.

The app is an extension to the popular “iXiQuiz: Guess the place?” launched by iXiGO on Facebook. Overall the app is good, simple and neat in terms of UI. With a few modifications the game actually has the potential to surpass the popularity of the Facebook game and create new marketing avenues for iXiGO.

*: The app was developed during iXiGo hackathon.

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