iYogi Launches IoT Platform On Microsoft Azure [Free For Up To 1mn Devices]

iYogi has launched its IoT platform which is built upon Microsoft Azure to support the growth of IoT ecosystems.

Internet of Things

The company claims its Digital Service Cloud Open IoT Platform is the first enterprise grade IoT platform in India. Using a base of Microsoft Azure, the platform can be used to deploy, monitor and manage millions of connected products.

Further, customers can integrate devices with the growing IoT ecosystem and make use of its advanced analytics capabilities to project growth and make better business decisions.

Digital Service Cloud is based on the digital device management platform and uses various Azure modules including Azure Services Bus, Azure Event Hub, Azure DocumentDB and Azure Machine Learning as its foundation.

The end result is a fault-tolerant architecture that contains a proprietary Rules Engine, Reporting Engine, Event COnfiguration and a Universal UI that enables the creation of deep connections with the IoT ecosystem.

Health monitoring platform Cooey is one of the early adopters of iYogi’s IoT platform and used it to collect, analyze and provide insights about patient’s health.

SmartBuilding is yet another user of the platform. The system improves comfort, health and energy efficiency in commercial buildings via 24×7 monitoring and control of air conditioning systems.

iYogi has also launched a partner program to support the growth of the IoT ecosystem. Startups can utilize Digital Service Cloud Open IoT Platform for free for up to a million devices and will also receive additional support.

The company has tasked itself with creating a showcase of 100 IoT solutions over the next one year that have been built upon its platform.

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