Forum Roundup: Jabong Shutting? Hiring Freelance- Sub Contractors from India & More

What is the NextBigWhat forum about? Entrepreneurs, technology, questions, answers, opinions, controversy, gossip & sometimes even the latest news.

What is the NextBigWhat forum about? Entrepreneurs, technology, questions, answers, opinions, controversy, gossip & sometimes even the latest news. Last week, we saw action on pretty much all of these topics. If you aren’t already on it, sign up now. If you missed some of the action, here’s a summary of the most interesting posts from our forum. nextbigwhat-forum

Rumours of Jabong shutting?

Is the rumours spreading on Facebook are to be believed Jabong is shutting as the founding team is moving out.

Best automated email software?

Does anyone know of any good email solution – the thing is – In my company, we have our normal campaigns, that offer new customers vouchers.  Each voucher is a unique code.  So, everytime a new customer subscribes we need to automatically send an email with the unique code.

How to promote Business

After exploring many blogs, forums, discussions etc, i found few points why E-Commerce in India is Failing.

New Startup : project development terms

Me and a friend of mine have a new internet startup idea which we think and know will be a success. The problem is we both are not developers and do not have enough finance to hire a developer.

Indians should thank Arvind Kejriwal for improving their vocabulary

Is AAP justified in doing what it is doing? The dharna et al? Well, you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine.Kejriwal

Hiring Freelancers and Sub – Contractors in India

Looking for some tips on how to go about hiring some IT / Web Developers freelancers or sub – contractors (individual or firms) in India.

Market size for Training workshops in India

Do you know market size for Training workshops in India?  Example : how many number of training providers in India, how many trainings per month/year and what is revenue size.

Thinning out your idea: MVP reload

To shoot for the long term, you have to prepare to succeed in the short term so you get there. The Lean startup’s MVP coined idea suggests that you narrow down your product’s scope to the bare essentials and start with just that.

Formula Behind Signs 

Whether it’s a road sign, restaurant sign, or advertising sign on your local bus stop bench, there is always a formula behind crafting these signs to deliver a specific message. We look back at the basics of design to create an engaging and effective sign.Signs

Does TiE provide service of databanking?

Suppose If people  want to do a market survey to start a business , that survey would have been done previously by many people . Can anyone please tell me, where can we get those market survey details? Is it possible to get it from TiE?

What you think about our website –

What you guys think about our website content, features, looks etc. Any kind of suggestion would be much appreciable and it will help us make better user experience to provide quality information.

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