How much is a teacher worth? Jack Ma tells us.

Did your parents ever told their relatives or neighbours, that my son or daughter would become a teacher one day?

Did you ever hear about a “Sharmaji ka Beta” (Mr.Sharma’s prodigal son) going on to become a great teacher?

Well, obviously the answer is no!

What a teacher could be worth of after all? Most of the parents have a very puny idea of it, unless they read this.

A teacher is worth USD 41 Billion and counting. Surprised?

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba group of companies which has a combined turnover of $ 420 Billion and his own net worth is north of $41 Billion, is quitting his company to become a teacher.

Surprised? Probably you should not be.

On his 54th birthday, earlier in September, Mr.Jack Ma announced that he is going to retire from his company and would become a teacher again.

Ma after a gruelling struggle graduated in 1988 from Hangzhou Teacher Institute and then had a tough time having to find a normal ‘gig’ type job. Eventually he started as an English Teacher (he learnt English while speaking to tourists, as a kid), at a princely salary of $12 per month.

A job he loved immensely and probably he would vouch as “The best job, I ever had”.

Learning on his own, fumbling many times to get even a routine job, becoming a teacher and then starting the most successful company from China worth almost half a trillion dollar; the role a good teacher or mentor can play for even a so called “weak kid” was never lost to him.

May be only got reinforced as he grew from success to success.

Our best wishes to Mr.Jack Ma for his new innings, to be a great teacher and to produce many more “Jack Ma”.

So would you want your kid to be a teacher?

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