Jack or Zuck

There are clearly 2 schools of thought :

Jack vs. Zuck

Jack is the guy who stands for what he believes in. Puts his company/career/ life at stake to protect what he believes in (and can go ahead and ban Trump)


Zuck, the guy who will still sell ads. Who, being a true capitalist++ will go at length to justify his action of running a fair platform (and make millions of $$s in the chaos of US politics).


The two are right in their own terms. But when history will be written, who would you respect more? Jack or Zuck?

By the way, history never matters. Nobody stays alive to read their own epitaph – so why care.

Jack or Zuck. Who would you wanna be? Time to take sides.

A decision today decides tomorrow. We hope we all bat for sanity- and this isn’t just about US politics.

It is about everything you and I see – right from a corrupt media to the one that takes a stand ..to that immigrant running for life vs. that minister looting public money.

I hope we all stand for the ones who take a stand – beyond their personal gains.


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