Tech WWWorld: Short URLs from Google and Facebook, MySQL:Oracle [and more]

Short urls are in and while has more or less become the defacto standard, both Google and Facebook have now announced their short url mission.

Google has launched, in order to offer benefits like stability/security (to ensure that you aren’t spoofed by malicious sites) and speed. Currently, Google URL Shortener is only available from the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner [official blog].

What’s interesting about Feedburner/Twitter integration is that now you can push your posts directly to Twitter (no need to integrate with Twitterfeed)

Picture 117[1]

Facebook, too is testing new url shortner service,, as reported by InsideFacebook., in a reaction to all this has launched pro giving custom URLs to publishers [details].


MySQL founder, Monty Widenius, post Oracle:Sun acquisition is trying hard to protect MySQL for Oracle’s clutches.

Oracle claims that it would take good care of MySQL but let’s face the facts: Unlike ten years ago, when MySQL was mostly just used for the web, it has become very functional, scalable and credible. Now it’s used in many of the world’s largest companies and they use it for an increasing number of purposes. This not only scares but actually hurts Oracle every day. Oracle have to lower prices all the time to compete with MySQL when companies start new projects. Some companies even migrate existing projects from Oracle to MySQL to save money. Of course Oracle has a lot more features, but MySQL can already do a lot of things for which Oracle is often used and helps people save a lot of money. Over time MySQL can do to Oracle what the originally belittled Linux did to commercial Unix (roughly speaking). – blog

James Cameroon’s Avatar Live on uStream

James Cameroon’s Avatar, scheduled for release this Friday and Fox will broadcast the ‘red carpet arrivals’ at premiere live on uStream – link

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