OMG! This Japanse Rail Company Has Issued Apology..Because Train Departed 25 seconds earlier

In India, train departing 25 seconds earlier will either go unnoticed and if at all it gets noticed, it will be applauded for!
But Japanese rail company has apologized for a driver’s mistake and will ensure education through training and training to conductor.
The mistake was that the train departed 25 seconds earlier and one passenger ended up missing the train.
On May 11, 2018, the train started at Notogawa Station on the Biwa Line earlier than the prescribed time. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.
The ‘mistake’ was brought to notice by one passenger who missed his train.

At around 7:12 am, a staff member at the Notogawa Station received a declaration from the customer that he was departing earlier than the specified departure time and contacted the Osaka General Directorate. As a result of the investigation, I learned that I departed at 7:12:05 AM, about 25 seconds earlier, when I departed at 7:12:0.(source)


Will somebody please stop this !
Will somebody please stop this !


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