“Building a Sales Engine”: Announcing UnPluggd Speaker, Jasminder Gulati (NowFloats Founder)

At the core of this is a story of building great sales playbook engine!

“You can’t build a kickass (SAAS) business selling to Indian SMEs”, said all investors and startup gurus.

But then, NowFloats’ founder, Jasminder Gulati has proven everyone wrong.

As of now, NowFloats has brought over 130,000 merchants online, whose websites account for 5% of all traffic generated by Indian SMBs.

At the core of this is a story of building great sales playbook engine!

Jas will be sharing his lessons, his journey of creating a sales playbook at UnPluggd, India’s largest startup and product conference.

In his own words (on the sales approach):

We may tend to approach SMEs with facts, numbers, and figures, trying to generalize what areas require innovation. But when it comes to SMEs, it’s not the big data that matters, it’s the small details. It’s about the small insights, it’s about ‘visibly demonstrating’ that you are helping them.

Jas on his approach towards selling to Indian SMEs

This UnPluggd, we bring to you actionable insights and wisdom which will help you scale up by 10X factor.

Who else is speaking? Well, more than 10 Product Leaders, 15+ Entrepreneurs and 50+ investors are attending the conference (by the way, the application for speaking slot is open till Feb 24th).

Early Bird Discount: Grab 30% discount (use the code “NEXTBIGWHAT”).
The ticket price increases on Feb 26th.

Date: April 12th and 13th.
Venue: MLR Convention Center, JP Nagar (Bangalore
URL: http://unpluggd.nextbigwhat.com/

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