Developers : Get Alerted on JS Errors; Track Uptime of Application Using Atatus

When errors occur in web application not every user reports it. And even if they report it, the developer doesn’t know the context in which the error had occurred. atatus

Chennai based developers, Fizer and Joe have launched Atatus, a simple JavaScript error tracking and uptime monitoring system.

Add two lines of code and get alerted on any errors that occurs in your application in realtime. Also you can monitor the uptime of your application and also verify if your external APIs are still functioning as expected.


We have built many websites, we found that it was always difficult to maintain the site once it goes live. That is when we started to realise that we want a single product which will provide everything for making one’s web application robust enough. And that is how Application Status (Atatus) was born.

Using Atatus, you don’t wait for users to report problems – you will get notified when something breaks.

If you are a developer struggling with JS errors, do give Atatus a spin and share your feedback with the team.

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