What Jio is doing to others

Jio is on an acquisition spree and is acquiring any company which it can’t build (quickly).

Reverie, Haptik, Saavn – the major ones and several smaller acquisitions.

The core focus? Own the digital space and do this to competitors.


That is, BLOCK. Block them from entering the new digital fields, block them from creating their own blue oceans.

Apart from running the acquisition process professionally and making it a win-win proposition for founders, Jio is also ensuring a long term win with 3-4 years lock-in period for founders.  This will create immense value in the next 5 years – with new products and tech innovation only for Jio customers.

What does this mean for competitors? Is Jio competing with Airtel/Vodafone ? Not really. Not anymore. Voice is a red ocean and is going to be a small part of the game. Ditto with Internet connectivity.

The real money lies in commerce and content – and Jio will aim the same. And India’s Internet story is just getting started !

Jio’s New Competition?

You are a stagnant business if you are competing with same folks for many years.

Jio will now compete with Google and Apple! And the only way it can compete with these companies is by being better at ‘BHARAT’ tech (full stack), which is always difficult for others to crack.

What about Jio’s soon-to-turn-ex-competitors? Well, they are being blocked (by policies + acquisitions) and are just fighting over businesses which are already becoming a commodity (i.e. Internet connectivity / data speed )

Fighting. With Each Other.
Fighting. With Each Other.

Like it or now, Jio is the new Oil for India’s digital story. And the mantra is not Jio and Jine do (atleast for its direct competitors).

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