JioSaavn: Watch out, Bharat-focused Audio/Voice startups

Jio acquired Saavn and the integrated service, JioSaavn has been launched.

The service will be offered on a freemium model in India with all users having access to the ad-supported product. Jio subscribers would enjoy seamless access to the integrated app. Additionally, as part of this launch, Jio users will also get a 90-day extended free trial of JioSaavn Pro, the streaming service’s premium product.

JioSaavn will be a huge threat to all those startups who are focused on using Voice/Audio to reach out to the Bharat segment.

Jio phone picture
Jio phone picture

Not just because JioSaavn will start adding more exclusive audio content (podcasts/interviews/stories etc) in regional languages (and penetrate the market deeper), but JioPhone, which apparently is the number 1 feature phone is pretty much a black box for independent developers.

While Jio pipe is available to all, the question largely becomes penetration of JioPhone vs. Android devices and if you are a audio/voice startup dependent on Android for distribution – watch out for JioSaavn.

And meanwhile, start looking for alternate distribution channels.

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