Jivox Launches Interactive Video Ads – Add your Call to Action Item

Bangalore based Jivox, an online video advertising company, has introduced custom interactivity features to make online video ads hyper-interactive.

jivox online ad
jivox online ad

Using the Jivox platform, creative agencies and advertisers can now add their own custom Flash or HTML applets to video ads so that users can interact with the ad without ever leaving the video player.
All they have to do is provide a 300×250 sized SWF or HTML applet at the time of campaign creation.

For example, after seeing a video ad for a product or service, users could now launch interactions such as:

  • See companion banner ad
  • Watch other video ads of the same brand via a playlist
  • Download software or product brochure
  • Participating in a trivia contest or quiz to win a discount
  • Requesting a quote or a test drive, etc. [details]

Jivox also added new social media sharing capabilities to the platform, by enabling users to embed interactive ads on 40 social networking sites.

Interesting development, as online advertising takes the social route.

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