Talentty and Coders2020 – Newly Launched Job Portals

Interesting Indian Startups to serve your job hopping desire:


Talentty is a career matchmaking site that is bringing a twist in recruitment by enabling special jobboards for each industry (for e.g. walkins.talentty.com, software.talentty.com etc). talentty

Talentty’s claimed differentiation is the matching engine that enables both employer and professional to discover the best match using various criteria.

For the passive job seekers, talentty enables one to create anonymous profiles and utilize their matching engine to discover the right match.

In my opinion, the concept of matching/recommendation engine looks great on paper, but isn’t a viable model (except Amazon and probably Netflix, nobody else’s recommendation engine works. And if recommendation is a pure SQL command, any HR professional can do it (just the way they use ‘ctrl+F’ to find out a fit).


coders2020Coders2020 is a job site dedicated to freshers jobs and has all the relevant materials one would need – placement papers, details of walkin interviews etc.

A no-nonsense site that I am sure would be beneficial to freshers. There are plenty of fresher oriented sites and given the confusion related to one’s career, I am sure many of them can just survive thru’ employer listings or ads.

Give these sites a spin and share your feedback. I do believe that job/recruitment portal in India needs to break away from naukri and monster kind of model, but needs more than what the above mentioned startups are offering.

What’s your take?

Also, HT media has launched it’s job portal – shine.com

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