JobsByRef – Search for jobs in stealth mode

There are tons of job sites in India and most of them just focus on the job search side of things, leaving a huge gap for other players to play in the market.

We have covered career centric startups (CoCubes, TalentEquity, SMSResume , JobeeHive etc) in the past and latest to enter the ring is JobsByRef.

For companies, JobsByRef offers application tracking system, referrals, built-in workflow system and centralized system for hiring manager to communicate with the candidate.

For candidates, JobsByRef doesn’t allow uploading one’s resume in pdf/doc format and instead mandates one to fill the resume details on the site (structured format).

Other offerings to candidates include credibility score (based on qualitative + quantitative measurements),  stealth mode job search (you can choose to not show your contact details to recruiter/company), job suggestions based on profile/preference/network etc.

The startup charges subscription service to companies and future plans include providing premium services to candidates.

Do you think JobsByRef solves the existing pain in the current market (or is it trying to do too many things?). The challenge that I see with most of the job sites is that they are transaction oriented and do not seek engagement (i.e. they aren’t a ‘career’ portal)

And unless there is user engagement, do not expect referrals coming in.

What’s your opinion on JobsByRef?

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