JobeeHive – Rate, Review and Research your Employer

Got too many job offers – confused about joining which company? Well, JobeeHive could help you in decision making.

JobeeHive enables users to rate/review the company (they have worked for), research on a prospective employer as well as get more info about a company – be it job offers, announcements, business opportunities etc.

Once you signup, you can fill up the employer review or salary form for your employer and can also follow any company you wish to.

Jobeehive is neatly laid out and the company page is really done well – you get general info about the company (founding date, revenues, pictures etc) and also, the ratings/reviews and salary details as entered by the users.

Overall, the idea seems very interesting and solves a major pain in the job economy – reviews and salary details from current/ex-employees, based on their role@ the company (for instance, a biggie could be bad for a fresher, but will surely be a great opportunity if you are a senior sales guy) .

Few Feedback

Guess, there are quite a few inspiration derived from Glassdoor – the entire form filling process is equally tedius and after a while, one just wants to give-up/move-on and ends up filling junk information (too many constraints in the form) to get pass the process.

Also, the product needs to be more engaging – infact, once you fill up the details, there aren’t too many hooks to come back to the site- in essence, what’s missing is the call-to-action features.

Also, rating/reviewing an employer is a feature for LinkedIn (which I guess might be on their roadmap) – so JobeeHive needs to really decide on its positioning and build more hooks for user retention.

Moreover, JobeeHive’s biggest competition is not from Glassdoor (has decent Indian presence) or HT’s Shine (claims 1 million users), but the real competition is from the dwindling economy where jobs are few and far in between; and hoppers don’t have too many options to explore/choose from.

What’s your opinion?

Do give JobeeHive a spin and share your comments.

The startup is looking for investors and if you are one, I will connect the dots (ashish at

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