Jobs : Facebook PHP Programmers, Instructional Designers


Jobs : Facebook PHP Programmers, Instructional Designers

It’s Monday and if you are going through ‘Manic Monday’ feeling, you probably should start looking for more challenging and interesting job.

Here are a few interesting opportunities for you.

Facebook / PHP Programmers 

We need full time PHP Developers with full skill and previous notable experience of Facebook apps, especially Games.

Working time: 8-10 hours a day (remember, this is for a start-up).

Pay: 20K+ (if you’re skilled, talk to us).

Instructional Designer Job / Freelancers [Urgent]

We are looking for a freelance writer to storyboard/script curriculum books for vocational training.

And if you are looking to hire Engineers, Marketers, Designers etc., submit your job details at our job board.

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