Jobs : The Movie that didn’t about the man who Inspired [Review]


Jobs : The Movie that didn’t about the man who Inspired [Review]


Was that Steve Jobs or was it Ashton Kutcher trying to do a good job of acting?

Right now, I’d go with the latter.

The movie – supposedly a biopic – falls somewhere between a documentary film … and a biopic. And a very limited, uninspiring documentary at that.

While many of us know Steve Jobs and his life in great detail, a movie like this could have depicted the highs and lows of the Jobs legacy and struggle to those who didn’t.

To a certain extent, it does. But it falls flat in most of the storyline. Apart from showcasing Steve Wozniak as a bit of a comical character, the movie revolves around only one setting – Apple’s Board Room and the games played in there! The board room where a set of people are deciding on Jobs’ fate. There is no mention of Steve Jobs’ childhood, and to say the least, Jobs’ turtlenecks. I don’t recall a single scene where Ashton Jobs is seen wearing the now famous garment (please correct me if I am wrong).

There are cheesy descriptions of products (‘tool of heart’, anyone?). Maybe what we need is a 52-part TV series on Steve Jobs to get the entire story out, but the Jobs movie fails to bring out even the popular side of Steve Jobs (there is no mention of his illness/death).

Of course, a movie on Steve Jobs was always going to be a tough ask, but let’s be honest – there were 50 shades of Jobs’ life and the director chose to show only couple with no ‘soul’ to it. There is no passion in the movie. Even the performances aren’t great – Kutcher himself hams through most of the movie – almost caricaturing Jobs with the focus on a couple of mannerisms exaggerated and repeated ad-nauseam. If you weren’t aware of Steve Jobs’ legacy, you’d probably walk out in the first half.

Unlike the man’s life and accomplishments, it’s b-o-r-i-n-g.

Verdict : Avoid.

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