Newsreel [Nov 5]: Aakash tablet to be showcased at UN

Aakash tablet to be showcased at UN: India will showcase its low-cost Aakash tablet at the UN, highlighting the country’s innovation involved in creating the “most competitively priced” tablet computer. India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Hardeep Singh Puri said a presentation on the tablet will be held on November 28 at the world body’s headquarters here to which UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will be invited. More here.

$400M Mistake of Zuckerberg’s dorm mate and No Regrets: Bloomberg has a great story on Joe Green, who lived in the same dorm as Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and became his friend and hacking buddy. His Dad advised against working with Zuckerberg on Facebook, losing him a stake in the company that would have been worth at least $3 billion today.

Sharp might seek a bailout: Japanese electronics company Sharp might be seeking a bailout from the government, reports Bloomberg. Sharp has to pay off nearly $2.5 billion bonds in 2013 for which it might have to seek the help of state owned corporations, according to the report. The company failed to win a planned equity investment from Foxconn Technology Group. Read more here.

Chinese messaging App wechat gains ground: WeChat, a mobile messaging application created by Tencent Holdings, China’s largest Internet company, is aggressively trying to buck the trend and establish itself in the expanding global market for smartphone apps. Based on some analysts’ predictions, the company may actually have a shot, reports the New York Times. Read more here.

Mars rover still sniffing for elusive methane: Initial analysis of the atmosphere of Mars from NASA’s rover Curiosity has shown no sign of methane, a gas detected previously by remote sensors, researchers said on Friday. Read more here.

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