Want An itinerary Planner With A Dash Of Social Networking? Try JoGuru

JoGuruThe days of package holidays are slowly dying out, the new entrant to the market are tailor-made and self planned holidays. But the biggest problem faced by this new entrant is the tedious amount of work that goes into preparing the itinerary. Pune based startup JoGuru wants to make the itinerary planning easier for the self-made vacation planner.

The travel site will allow you to find, seek, organize your travel plan and socialize with fellow travellers, all in one place. You can connect with friends and other travellers from across the globe to help you discover new places or something interesting to do while you are on your vacation.

The most important feature on the site is its ‘Itinerary Planner’, that was introduced recently, using which you can access all information pertaining to a particular place you intend to visit, like open-close timings, time to be spent at that location and nearest public transport, while you fix your travel plan.

It is always easier for you to plan your days in the itinerary when you know how many attractions or activities you can accommodate in a day. To help you with this the planner will tell you the most efficient way to visit places, how much time to spend there and the time you will take to your next destination.

JoGuru Planner

There is also an ‘Itineraries’ section on the site, which lists out itineraries designed or planned by another users. The service then gives you an option to clone or edit these for yourself and make your own itineraries based on them.

One difference you will notice on the portal compared to other similar products is that the it does not use a map based planner, instead it optimizes the itinerary based on distances, open and close timings and the time required at locations. The company says that it currently has 40,000 active monthly users and has seen a boost in traffic since the introduction of the new planner.

Other than the planner the portal has some other interesting sections too. You can post in the ‘Questions’ section all the queries you have regarding destinations, activities or about other aspects of travel in this section and a fellow traveller or a friend will reply with a solution.

Similarly another interesting section called ‘Trip Reports’ gives you access to the trips taken by fellow travellers. They tell you about the itinerary followed and other aspects of the traveller came across during the journey, like interesting places, incidents and others.

The service will be competing with others like plnnr, iXigo’s trip planner and Trip tern , a dynamic end to end trip planner. Tripomatic is another one of the early startups in this space and does a great job of helping you plan.

With the new age travellers having many options to plan their holidays, every bit of tweaking and new planning tools the services provide will give it a better chance of surviving in the space.

Give JoGuru a try the next time you plan your trip and let us know about the experience.

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