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Why is flipkart charging for shipments.?? & Change in Flipkart Packaging.?

Flipkart has started charging shipping fee for orders less than INR 200 (earlier it was INR 100).

Well, amongst the 230 odd books that i have purchased on flipkart, less than 5% of the books were of cost above 180..!! So, what i dont understand now is why is there a shipping cost?

Did the strategy to give away books at the cost lesser than manufacturing cost make some losses for flipkart.?? or did the strategy to throw away all other competitors pay off well for flipkart & now they are charging their customers.?

Joining a startup vs a job : what’s different?

The startup ecosystem has done a pretty poor job of getting the whole point of joining/doing startups across. Folks get taken in by the sexiness of it all, and want a startup stint on their CV, and come in and ask for market+20% salaries! Defeats the whole idea, doesn’t it? 

Would be good to share different perspectives on what it means to join a startup – from the points of view of (early) employees, co-founders, recruiters, and the startups themselves. What do you think goes on right now, and what do you think it should be?

I, for one, believe that as long as you call yourself a startup, you should NOT offer market salaries or above. In return, play/innovate on other variables – ownership (equity), ownership (decision making), flexibility and variety of roles – stuff you just cannot get in a regular job. In return, look for buy-in, self-driven-ness, street smarts (more than “ninja”-ness), and the desire to learn and push oneself outside of comfort zones.

If you were working in a big software services organization, or an MNC, what should you be looking for and looking at. And if you were to hire from these relatively “cushy” places, what’s the message you’d like to get across?

Reality in numbers

How do we truthfully verify some of these numbers bandied about?

Online communities and collaborative consumption changing society

Awaiting the day when the darker-side of “living their lives online” is lamented in a similar report. What goes around …..

What are indian consumers really buying online?

Any report out there or anyone have any insights on to what India’s consumers buy the most online? Is it books, mobile phones, computers?


Investor Cheat Sheet – How to Pitch

The Psychology of Fonts

Right Side of the Haimish Line

Any suggestions for a good “Value for Money” printer?


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