In Search of True Calling: 28 Weeks, 28 Jobs, 28 States [DOER:Jubanashwa Mishra]


In Search of True Calling: 28 Weeks, 28 Jobs, 28 States [DOER:Jubanashwa Mishra]

Every week, we profile a DOER on NextBigWhat. This week’s DOER is Jubanashwa Mishra, a 28 year old from Orissa. Why is he a doer? Read on.

Jubanashwa Mishra has been the regular guy for most of his life. After acquiring an engineering degree, he worked at one of India’s Information Technology companies. 3 years into the job, he wanted to move out.

Once the decision was made, life was never the same again.

In May, he will start on a very strange journey. The idea is to work on 28 different jobs for 28 weeks in 28 different states of India. The job could be anything. It could be that of a bartender in Mumbai or a documentary film maker in Ahmedabad.

He has already found 5-6 jobs and is on the lookout for more.

Mishra, the son of a retired government servant, found it hard to convince his parents about quitting the IT job in 2009 and going for higher studies. “It took a lot of convincing but they came around. Once they realised that I was capable of taking my own calls, they became very supportive,” he said.Jubanashwa MishraOriginally from Orissa, Mishra now lives in Delhi. In his journey, he has shown great entrepreneurial spirit as well. While doing his post graduation, he created EzeeDictionary, a crowd sourced image dictionary for over 2,50,000 English words. He has also been part of projects such as the rural Jatra exhibition in Orissa.

Why is he doing all this this? Mishra wants to spread the message that there are many things besides being an engineer or becoming a doctor one can do in life.

“In my experience so far, job satisfaction is a serious issue. The  grass is always greener on the other side. My point is, instead of doing a job you don’t want to do, you should discover your own passion. Maybe in the journey i’ll discover something new,” says 28 year old Mishra.

We wish him luck on his journey. If you’d like to offer him a job, hit him up on One Week Job’s website.

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