The Over Judgemental Indian Startup Ecosystem

The greatest moral failing is to condemn something as a moral failing: no vice is worse than being judgmental. Julian Baggini

Flipkart is *almost* over.
InMobi is done.
Ola is losing ground.

Welcome to India’s thriving and rising Indian startup ecosystem where the pundits are easily writing off companies and the only word you’d often hear is


That is,
<company X> should have done that.
<company X> shouldn’t have done that.

Death Of Curiosity

I have learned the hard way to mind my business, without judging who people are and what they do. I am more troubled by the lack of space being provided for the truth to unfold. Humans cannot seem to wait for or honor the truth. Instead, we make it up based on who we believe people should or should not be. Iyanla Vanzant

Judging is bad. It’s easy. It comes natural to us. It comes natural to bring down people (heck! fav timepass for a lot!).

You know what’s difficult?

Asking questions.

Asking tough questions. Asking without judging.

Being on the wrong side of the wind.

Sadly, there is no glory in doing this (you will be judged as an asshole for asking too many questions).

How about?

Being curious.gyaan-na-baaten

Curious about ideas (and not people). Curious about ‘why’ and ‘what if’.

And not being right all the time. How does that sound for a change?

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein

What’s your talk on the amount of ‘should/shouldn’t’ gyaawn that’s being disposed in the startup ecosystem?

Is that doing any good? Let’s judge them 😀

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