Jugnoo – Meet The New Peer-To-Peer Ride Sharing App

Jugnoo is a mobile peer to peer ride sharing app developed by SoCoMo Inc. The app lets you find affordable rides on the go from other users who have joined the app. Jugnoo is open to users to choose between being a driver or a customejugnoo1r.

Once the user logs in to the app, upon being a customer, the user’s location is broadcasted on a map in the app. Drivers note this broadcast and pickup their customers. Jugnoo is a common app for both driver and the customer and hence the same map is shared on both sides. The driver also receives navigation routes to reach the customer pickup point.

For drivers, once the option is chosen, there are certain steps to verify the driver so that the app has the complete records needed to confirm if the driver can provide rides to people.

At the end of the trip, users receive a message with the ride fare. The fare is calculated by the app based on meter charges. Drivers are charged with a fixed amount monthly for the service and have a zero commitment policy. Drivers can switch off being one at any point of time during the trip.

Jugnoo is currently up and running at Chandigarh and is in the beta phase. The app has around 250 registered users and quite a few auto rickshaws enrolled under the service. The app receives around 4 rides per day. The Team has plans to add more taxi services and later on venture to add customer driven vehicles to the list.

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