Jugnoo Takes On Ola, Shames Them For Trying To ‘Bribe’ Their Drivers

Jugnoo, the most talked about auto rickshaw aggregator, founded by a group IITians, recently put up a blog post alleging that Ola tried to “bribe” their existing team to get hold of Jugnoo’s employee database.

Jugnoo, the auto rickshaw aggregator, has alleged that Ola tried to “bribe” their existing team to get hold of Jugnoo’s employee database.Jugnoo logo

The company stated in a blog post that they were targeted many times by Ola, but still managed to get away unharmed.

“I mean, I get it, we are kicking your ass, and it must be tough when you have to inflate (over double) your numbers in press to prove you are “winning” against Uber and Jugnoo doesn’t “exist”. Then why all this attention and love?,” says the blog post.

Apparently, Jugnoo was aware of the fact that Ola had tried to bribe Jugnoo’s drivers, but kept mum—just to see where the situation escalates to.

The result?

“Drivers started calling us in a few days telling us what had happened. All we had to do was act surprised.”

Further, Jugnoo’s post tries to shame Ola by calling them ‘immature’ and incapable of building their own team.

Jugnoo’s post says: “If with all that VC money you can’t afford a decent job portal for yourselves, don’t you think, you are getting the fundamentals all wrong?”

The shaming does not end there; the auto-aggregator further states that Ola’s plans to hijack their company’s employee database marks the “insecurity” that Ola is feeling against Jugnoo.

“The traction meter is going ka-ching at Jugnoo and when biggies like you resolve to such antics, we get more confident in our plan because it just tells us that we are doing all the right things.”

They end the post on a sarcastic note, urging Ola to do ‘what they do best’; “we will keep doing what we have always been doing,” the post adds [Source].

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