Why is Junglee Selling Goods, Just Like Amazon? Here is Why It’s Cool


Why is Junglee Selling Goods, Just Like Amazon? Here is Why It’s Cool

Amazon owned price comparison site Junglee is now also an online marketplace where you can directly buy goods from. Why is it doing that?

From what we know, Amazon is also giving away the entire fulfillment service to sellers for free for a year – and no other better that start with existing property, i.e. Junglee.

Junglee was purely into price comparison until recently. With this move, the company lets customers buy products from merchants listed on the site. Folks at Medianama spotted this earlier. Not all products can be bought this way yet. Sellers can now upload their product info, no limits on the number yet. The product status can be set ‘active’ or ‘inactive’.

Amazon’s customer rating and review database have been integrated with that of Junglee. To buy products, one can use both Amazon and Junglee accounts. You can’t directly buy Amazon products listed on Junglee yet. To do that, you are redirected to the Amazon site.

Why Junglee is Doing This

Junglee was launched in India in February 2012. In March 2014, it was clocking 10 million visits. It has over 30 million listings across 25 categories, from over 1700 online shopping sites and 60,000 nearby stores.

That’s a large number of listings and significant traffic which can be monetized. In all possibility, we will be looking at more customers for Amazon fulfillment services in the backend (What has changed? See image below) and more sellers on the Amazon ecosystem. 

Amazon fulfilment


In an earlier interview, when we asked Mahendra Nerurkar, GM, Junglee if it shared data, relationships with Amazon.in and vice versa, he said

Junglee is a neutral and unbiased platform. Amazon is one of the 1700 sellers on it and benefits in the same way any other seller listed on Junglee does

We wonder if this still holds true? Thoughts?

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