With 10 Mn Visits a Month, Comparison Site Junglee Will Continue to Get Amazon’s Attention [Interview]

Amazon launched price comparison site Junglee in February 2012. Since then, the site has quickly become the country’s biggest in the category. With the launch of Amazon.in, there was some speculation that the site wouldn’t continue to be on Amazon’s priority list for India. In a quick Q&A with NextBigWhat, Mahendra Nerurkar, GM, Junglee shared some updates. Here are the edited excerpts:

Comscore Junglee

How has the growth of Junglee been since its launch in February 2012?

Today we have over 30 million listings across 25 categories, from over 1700 online shopping sites and 60,000 nearby store on Junglee. We get over 10 million** visits per month and have over 4 million Facebook fans. Junglee has occupied the top position on comScore* charts for five quarters in a row starting September 2012.

Future plans and vision?

As a general policy we do not speculate on future plans. Our vision for Junglee is to enable customers to determine where to buy anything, anywhere (online or offline, within or outside India) and for retailers to take advantage of the Junglee.

How do you plan to stave off competition from newer players?

Mahendra Nerurkar, GM, Junglee.
Mahendra Nerurkar, GM, Junglee.

We have a very customer-backwards approach in how we look at what we do. When you look at customer-backwards from a consumer standpoint or a service standpoint, you realize that there is a significant opportunity to create differentiation around the main pillars that people care about like selection, price, etc.

Now that Amazon is in India, what’s the future for Junglee?

Our vision for Junglee is to enable customers to determine where to buy anything, anywhere (online or offline, within or outside India).

The vision for Amazon.in is to be ‘the’ shopping destination that customers choose to buy anything online.

We believe both are integral and have their rightful place in achieving Amazon’s vision of becoming the most customer-centric company in India. You would see us invest in both and being relentless in improving the customer experience.

Does Junglee share data, relationships with Amazon.in and vice versa?

Junglee is a neutral and unbiased platform. Amazon is one of the 1700 sellers on it and benefits in the same way any other seller listed on Junglee does.

* Word on comScore data.
** These are not unique visitors & Junglee did not disclose uniques when asked.

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