JustBooks takes Library to next level with RFID Tagging

JustBooks is a Bangalore based startup that is using technology to change the way books are rented. Justbooks has library chain in Bangalore and has over 20,000 books. The company has automated some parts of one’s library usage, for instance RFID based unmanned kiosks.justbooks

Owing to RFID tagging, JustBooks’ kiosks have the real time information about books (current owner/location of the book etc) that helps them keep the cost low.

The unmanned kiosk outside the library equipped with the Library Management Software (LMS) and the tag reader acts as a one-stop shop for all requirements of the reader, right from finding the book of choice to depositing it after reading. The kiosk has a touch screen to help the reader navigate and find the book on the basis of titles and author names.
The LMS is mapped according to the layout of the library and is also linked with the inventory and back-end, which helps to point the exact location of the book.

There is also a reconciliation tool that has been jointly developed with Orizin Technologies, which directs the library staff to place the book in the right rack and shelf if it is found in the wrong shelf during their periodic checks. “The scanning device used by the library staff has the master information about the book’s original position. In case if the book is placed on the wrong shelf, information can be triggered from the scanning device about the original position of the book. The information travels in real time to the LMS after the reconciliation takes place. There is also software developed for doing periodic rescheduling of the books as new purchases are made.

JustBooks offers subscription plans that ranges from monthly to annual payment, depending on one’s appetite for books.

Do give JustBooks a spin and share your take on the model – If RFID implementation is their core, shouldn’t they be licensing the model to other libraries?

What’s your take?

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