JustDial: ‘Search Plus’ Services To Grow; Plans Emerging Market Rollout


JustDial: ‘Search Plus’ Services To Grow; Plans Emerging Market Rollout

JustDial has announced its quarterly report and here are key highlights:

– Operating revenue increased by 29% (Y-o-Y) to 135.03crore from 104.56 crorejustdial.jpg

– Net Profit marginally increased to 28.11crore from 28.03crore.

– Net Profit margin was 19% in Q1FY15 as compared to 25% in Q1FY14

– JustDial had an one-off spend of around 10crore on advertising and data/ content acquisition during the quarter, because of which the overall listings grew to 14.1 million.

JustDial is conducting approximately 277,950 campaigns for its paid advertisers as compared to 221,500 campaigns as of June 30, 2013, representing a Y-o-Y  growth of 26%.

Global Rollout

The company is considering expansion of its services in the global markets, especially in emerging markets, where the potential for such kind of services is high.

From what it seems like, Justdial’s US launch isn’t seeing any serious growth.

Justdial Global which has a license agreement with the parent company to operate in the US & Canada market through its subsidiary Justdial Inc has expressed its inability to operate in the US & Canada market.

The termination of the license agreement is under consideration. The license to  operate in all geographies will rest with Just Dial Limited post the termination.

Search Plus Services

Justdial’s NextBigWhat focus is on search plus services – the company has already launched an online marketplace, entered travel & ticketing to food delivery (overall, 20 search plus services are active).

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– Download the financials from here.

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