Is JustDial Traffic Inflated?


Is JustDial Traffic Inflated?

“Statistics are like mini skirts, what they hide is more interesting then what they reveal” – Siddhu.

Well, that’s the thing with web analytics/statistics as well and Justdial traffic seems to reveal more than what it should.

It seems that Justdial also adds up traffic from it’s employees/call center agent and that’s where the inflation – otherwise how do you explain, hr.justdial accounting for 4.7% of the traffic (not sure what’s dv.justdial, which accounts for 21.7% ?).

As far as modus operandi is concerned, this is how it probably works – when you call up JD’s call center, the agent will send you sponsored results (for category searches) – which is available on the screen.  But, if you want more results – agent logs on to web and gives you the result – which in turn, adds to web traffic.

Do you think it’s fair to count internal employee traffic? If yes, what stops Internet companies to include their employee traffic in the analytics?

Or are we missing something here?

Hat tip: puzzled

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