JustUnfollow Hits 10 Million Users, Launches TakeOff For Instagram

JustUnfollow, the friend management app for Twitter & Instagram which crossed 5 million registered users in October 2013 now has hit 10 million users. The app has grown in terms of the features and have made the transition from being a tool for unfollowing to being a social media product for growth.
The team at JustUnfollow has also released an Instagram scheduling app in November called TakeOff. TakeOff was initially launched as a feature in JustUnfollow, but considering the traction on it, the team has launched a standalone app on iOS and Android.
TakeOff includes a host of features under it like scheduling posts both manually and automatically, scientific calculation to find the best time to post, suggests relevant high discovery hashtags and also suggests high quality creative common license images for users.
takeoff flow
The best time to post is analyzed by TakeOff depending upon several factors including followers, their time-zones, the times they are active (either posting or liking posts), the times the user has posted and the kind and amount of interaction received amongst others to dynamically calculate the best times to post.
Here is Nischal Shetty, founder of JustUnfollow sharing his lessons and thought in the video below:

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