Kapil Sibal Seeks Views from Media on Adult Apps on Android. Really Now?

Smarting from the vicious backlash the last time the Government tried to ban Internet porn and censor websites, the telecom minister Kapil Sibal sought views from the media on how to deal with this.

It appears, if Google wont do it, the Indian government will do it for them. The government wants adult content available on Android app store to be removed.

Smarting from the vicious backlash from a previous attempt to ban Internet porn and censorship, telecom minister Kapil Sibal sought views from the media on how to deal with this.

In response to a query on adult apps on Android, on Wednesday, the minister was cited by the PTI as saying

“I want you people to suggest how can we close it. If we want to close it, you will attack us. I want all the media to come together and tell the minister how to deal with it so that if I do something about it, you don’t attack me.”

Of course there is reason to believe that Sibal was being sarcastic by inviting the media’s views on adult content on Android. It’s like saying: if I go after adult content, you’ll go after me. Since you are the ones asking, why don’t you tell me how to deal with it.

Most recently, the telecom department asked Internet Service Providers to block nearly 40 porn and adult websites.While Google Play Developer Program says that it doesn’t allow sexually explicit material, violence and hate speech among other things, the app store does have explicit material on it.

Online Porn Ban in India

One of the earliest instances of the Government ban on online porn was in 2008. Savita Bhabhi, an adult toon character which debuted on the Internet in 2008, was banned by the Government in 2009. All Internet Service Providers were asked to block SavitaBhabhi.com,  which featured a married woman’s sexual adventures.  The porn toon is hailed as the first victim of Internet censorship in India.

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