Startup Kare4U Wants To Help You Cut the Queue For A Doctor’s Appointment

Getting to see a doc is usually as painful as the ailment. The good ones are all busy and the bad ones you want to avoid. A startup from Orissa wants fix this problem for the patients.

Kare4UBhubaneswar based startup Kare4U has launched an online scheduling platform for doctors, patients and hospitals that will efficiently manage doctor patient consultations.

Essentially, doctors and hospitals can manage their schedules in real-time and intimate patients with automatic alerts. Patients using the service will have access to a network of doctors, who can be viewed in order of location, specialization, hospital. After selecting a doctor, a patient can look at his schedule and look for a free slot to book.

For Patients

The company says that they have commitment from doctors on the Kare4U network that the patients booking through the platform will be treated within a period of 30 minutes (max.). All the patient need to do is book the appointment through the service and show the SMS they received from Kare4U with the confirmation time.

For Doctors/Hospitals

As far as doctors and hospitals are concerned, the product will help them maintain an efficient scheduling and queue for patients. This will thereby help them reduce their service time per patient improving the efficiency. Doctors/Hospitals can also generate online prescriptions, bills and health reports through the platform.

The service keeps track of the doctor’s schedule and notifies the doctor if he/she is running late. Based on this information the doctor can re-schedule his entire set of pending appointments and the patients are notified automatically. The platform ensures that the patients are also waitlisted based on the service rate, duration and history of cancellation.


The service currently has around 2000 users and around 1090 registered healthcare providers on its network, these include doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacists. The service is currently restricted to Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Kurnool and Hyderabad.

The company charges the health-care providers based on prescription basis for appointment scheduling. If they install  the system/software on their own premise then the provider will be charged a one time registration fee for the software and monthly charges for online registrations, remotely treated patients and appointments made through Kare4u Call Center.

The service has native applications available for both android and iPhone, and every aspect of the platform can be accessed through the app.

Soon the company also plans to introduce a EHR Electronic Health Record module to the platform. This module will help capture and process any medical record as in symptoms, prescriptions, diagnosis and reports.

We had recently covered Practo, a similar Pune based service, that works on the phone and the web to help patients find a doctor based on different parameters like location, charges, recommendations and expertise.

The current Indian startup scene has a number of other companies providing similar health care services. The service will be facing competition from services like hospital and healthcare aggregator, HealthcareMagic, which provides users, live interaction with doctors, MeraMD, MocDoc and DocSuggest.

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