Apps to Track the Natak in Karnataka [Assembly Elections 2013]

With the Karnataka Assembly elections just around the corner, we decided to snoop around in the various app stores and see if there were any apps that could assist us with choosing a right candidate on Election day. The results are quite shocking. The number of apps dealing with this topic are very limited. On iOS, we could not find any apps other than general news apps that also include news about the Karnataka elections. On Windows Phone 8, we found just one app while on Android there were a handful of apps dealing with the forthcoming elections.

India Elections


This app is present for both Android and Windows Phone devices. The app developed by Mango Technologies has various features to track the elections. It lists all the elections happening this year.

It also lists all the major political parties in India and gives all the latest news and headlines related to a particular party. Clicking on a news item opens the  full story in the app itself which we liked. The news is gathered from news sources like The New Indian Express, The Hindu, The Times of India, Economic Times among others. The app also provides videos, The Facebook page and Twitter feed of the party as well. It also has information on the national leaders of the party.

The state election section of the app is divided into three parts- dashboard, social and leaders.  The dashboard provides the election date as well as the result date and also news highlights. The social section has Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and also news from various sources.  The leaders section will give you the latest news, videos and also Facebook page of all the important leaders of the state.

We tried the app on our Galaxy Nexus and found the user interface to be inspired from the Windows Phone app, which was not really a bad thing. However,  what we did not like was that every time we opened the app we were greeted with ads which covered the whole screen and the app force closed a number of times while we were testing it.

Download: Android, Windows Phone

Elect ’13


We found this app to be the most useful in this list. This app by Nava apps will display real-time election results on counting day. The results can be sorted out by candidate, party or constituency of your choice.

Apart from providing results for the Karnataka elections on May 8, it also has the results for the Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura which happened earlier this year.

One can also save a particular constituency for quick access to the results. It also provides news, but we were disappointed at the number of articles shown and also opinion polls and exit poll results carried out by various sources.

One of the best features of this app is the candidate profile section, where one can view a brief profile of the electoral candidates, which includes information like age, profession, education, phone numbers, email ids and also a photo. One can search for a candidate by party or constituency.

Download: Android



This app by Webrosoft also provides basic candidate information that can be search by constituency. It has details about each candidate like criminal cases, assets, liability and education. For Karnataka it provides candidate details while for other states it has information about the elected representative. All the information in this app can be shared on Facebook or via SMS  or email. The UI of the app is very basic and unfortunately the app only provides information of the important candidates.

Download: Android

Party Apps

Apart from the above apps we also found a few party apps like KPCC – Congress app and BJP app which were localized for Karnataka.

The KPCC app basically provided an easy access to their Facebook page and there is also a feature to send a video to the party. The BJP app can be accessed in English, Hindi or Kannada and has information of the party, access to the parties Twitter and Facebook page and also a volunteer sign up page.

Apart from these apps all the general news apps from the leading TV and newspapers will keep you updated on all the happenings of the elections.

Let us know if you come across any election related apps and if you are in Karnataka make sure you go out and vote this Sunday, May 5th.

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