Karnataka Government: Uber And Ola’s Bike Service Illegal

Right after Ola and Uber launched their bike services, Karnataka Government has warned the Bangalorians not to use the service as it is illegal and the companies have not secured the license to operate the service.

The Transport Department said that the service is illegal and also not entitled for any insurance cover. It also stated that action will be taken against the companies.

Uber had launched its bike service for Rs 3/ km while Ola launched a pilot service for Rs 2/km.



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  1. Legality? The Government has designed the system to protect its incompetent union-driven Transport services. The new ideas would always be stunted and situations would be created to deny legality on basis of one illogical rule or another. The existing Bus Services of state government is a huge union force, and ripe for quiet a scandal – purchases, maintenance etc. The nature of service has become lax due to non-competition and refuses to improve its facilities or the conduct of its employees (many incidents of conductor bullying people. It is higher time, the government should encourage entrepreneurial spirit, encourage new ideas and look at the profitability, improvement of its own services making it lean in the process. The government could at the most take care of the social security of post service retirement of the various transport service of the people employed.

  2. Banning is easy.
    Finding a solution for city’s increasing congestion problem is not.

  3. There is something called “legality” for everything. It is easy to blame governments for everything under the Sun when something wrong happens but when the government ties to enforce the rules, let it do it’s job without criticising. The insurance the government is talking about is the insurance that may be paid to accident victims from Government. Moreover, if you take a look at registration certificate it provided for “Personal” usage not for “Commercial” purpose. Even a private insurer has every right to reject any death claims in Karnarata as a bike transport service is not covered under any motor law by Karnataka Government.

  4. What’s the problem if somebody is interested to share a paid or free ride. So far as Insurance is concerned, I guess its Individuals responsibility to keep them insured.

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