KeepTrax raises $1 Million in Seed Funding from Naya Ventures

Keeptrax, a new ‘internet of me’ company raised $1 million in seed funding from Naya Ventures, the funds will be used for a mobile-tech platform that can redefine how people record, retain, and recall location data.keeptrax
KeepTrax help people privately and automatically capture the details of their places without the need for manual check-ins.” said Kedar Benegal, Founder and CEO, KeepTrax
The platform enables the users to easily remember the details of the places they visit. It access GPS and other mobile device sensors to convert user’s physical location visits into highly curated “event pins” that digitally capture and organize details such as location name, address, dates, times, durations, photos, calendar, and other context.

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  1. what could be their business model? keeping track of your locations and that too with promised privacy, making me curious to know their business model

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