Big Deal : Kerala Government’s student entrepreneurship policy is out [The details]


Big Deal : Kerala Government’s student entrepreneurship policy is out [The details]

The Government of Kerala has launched its student entrepreneurship scheme for universities, colleges and polytechnics in the state. As promised when we first wrote about the government’s intention to give attendance and grace marks to student entrepreneurs, here is the first look at the new policy.

The government will categorize entrepreneurship at three stages

  1. Ideation stage: At this stage, an expert committee formed for evaluation of the ideas will interview each entrepreneur and analyze the business potential and feasibility.
  2. Teaming and company formation: At this stage, the team needs to register a private limited company or a limited liability partnership or a legally recognized entity (Learn about different forms of incorporation)
  3. Prototype developed/ Business started: This is a stage when the product is ready for commercialization and needs to be certified by experts. If its a services business, the company must be legally recognized and should have started generating income according to the business plan.

Approved Incubators in Kerala

Technopark TBI, Trivandrum
NITK TBI, Calicut
ITIH Tbi (Startup Village), Cochin
College of Engineering TBI, Trivandrum
Amritha TBI, Kollam
Central Institute of Fisheries Technology TBI, Cochin
NRI TBI, Kollam, Cochin & Calicut

Proposed Business Incubators

National center of excellence for entrepreneurship to be set up by Kerala Government and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)
Pushpagiri- Medical TBI, Thiruvalla
Care- Keralam- Ayurveda TBI, Trichur

All engineering colleges and government aided engineering colleges will be entitleed to apply for TBI status


Colleges will assign faculty members. University members will assign a coordinator. Additional Director in Charge of Supervisory Development Center, Kalamaserry will be designated as Entrepreneurship coordinator for Polytechnics.

Student entrepreneurs will have to apply to approved TBIs.

An expert committee will review the companies periodically.

Now, the important part. Grace marks and attendance

Duty leaves will given with the permission of head of the institutions

Attendance and Grace marks will be given to students who apply to approved TBIs.

Stages                  Grace Marks                  Attendance

Ideation                           1 %                                 5%
Teaming & Company     1 %                                 5%
Prototype/Income          2 %                               10%

If you win major prizes, you stand to get 2 % gracemarks in the corresponding semester. These details will be available on university websites soon.

*Hat tip: Rahul Ramesh of Codeyssus

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