Ketchupp : When sentimental (dish) analysis meets your tummy

Ketchupp is a meta search engine for online food ordering.
What does that mean? Well, Ketchupp helps you find the best dish in any restaurant for a given search criteria – powered by sentimental analysis.

“We analyze loads and loads of social media content, blogs, reviews, looking at mentions of individual dishes in positive and negative reviews

Location : NCR
Give it a try and vote up/down, depending on how it fares for your hunger tummy.

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  1. Tried and here are a few questions :
    1. Basically this is a meta+meta aggregator of review plus social analysis. In general, why would anyone use this ? Zomato / swiggy are themselves aggregators and you want to sit on top of them ?
    2. Nobody is making money here. Unlike e-commerce companies, food companies don’t even have affiliate program..How will you make money ?

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