Ketto : A fund raising platform for nonprofit organizations

With more than 32% of India’s population falling below the international poverty line and 68% living on less than US$2 a day, the country is in dire need of responsible, affordable sources of capital. Microfunding has been an important source of fund raising for such projects (recently, microlending platform Kiva also launched in India) and the latest to launch in this space is Ketto.

Launched on Aug 15 2012, Ketto is an online support network which brings individuals closer to the cause they wish to. The company currently has over 14 campaings running on ketto, some of them have been started by famous bollywood celebrities such as Soha ali khan and Nargis Fakhri.

“We describe Ketto as an engaged fundraising platform. We try to make it fun for the fundraisers. That’s our intention. We started by researching the philanthropic space and concluded that no one was making it fun. It wasn’t cool. And the tools were somewhat antiquated.

We think that if fundraising is fun for donors, they will do a better job of it. They’ll raise more money, and they’ll do it over and over again. We also believe the easier and safer we make it to help or start a fundraiser, the more likely people are to participate”, mentions Varun Sheth, cofounder of Ketto.

To reward you for all your efforts in starting fundraisers to even donating money, Ketto has a points system in place where they will be including gifts at a later stage once enough points have been collected.

As far as Ketto is concerned, the company connects donors directly at the project level, in contrast to organizations that run projects but maintain control over how contributions are allocated or spent.

Also, unlike other online fundraising platforms which charge a commission anywhere between 6-10% and offline intermediaries which charge anywhere between 20-40%, Ketto does not charge any commission allowing maximum amount of money to be donated to the Project of the NGO.


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