Key elements in coloring your web app / website!

Did you know how to choose colors for your portal? Well, if you are an entrepreneur then either

  1. you gotta have an eye for the right combo of colors
  2. or

  3. some good money to hire a great designer to do it all for you?

Of course this post is another way of helping yourselves.

Also, this post has one great value to it: A layman’s opinion on choosing the right colors for your website. While my opinions flow out from my own creation YouSuggest, your ideas may differ and be worth millions too.

There are a million sites littered across the internet, but only a few appeal and leave a mark on our minds. Some create a jaw-dropping appreciation for the interface, while others, mostly crap, make us run for our lives. To find something better.

Colors have a great bearing on this ‘feeling to associate’ with a website. A brightly lit-up website might as much become an offensive site as would a dull and morose color set. Particularly if its a dynamic application. And remember, when we talk of a Web App we look at user-engagement, returning users and word of mouth etc.

So when you sit on PhotoShop sometime, and let your creative juices flow, you gotta bear the following three things in your mind. (i) voluptuous, (ii) curvaceous and (iii) simplicity while designing your website. And then think about colors.

A monitor of any type (LCD, CRT, or probably even your own shiny new quantum-computer screen) is comparable to the “day-sky”. Humans love the blue skies above, and by all means the sky is ‘back-lit’ by the sun.

It is filled with seams of blue, white and grey and occasionally, though rarely, has hues of yellow, pink or orange as well. Hey don’t look straight at the sun! Focus on the sky.

A computer screen is similar: back-lit, needs to be vast, clear and representing natural colors. (Did you not hear this before: ‘blue’ is the safest bet on a website? ). We humans are naturally comfortable with blue-blue sky or even white or grayish.

We are not used to “BLOOD RED” sky and therefore, would not want to associate with a ‘BLOOD RED’ screen for a prolonged measure of time. Not even green, yellow or pink. Whatever be the color you choose, it must represent some part or time of the sky, else your website would seem so synthetic.

Contrast is another aspect that one needs to bear in mind. No one gets to see a stark Himalayan snow peak against a crazy awesome purple background everyday. Choose your color contrast carefully and normally. A great tool to help you on this is kuler.

Hope, you found this sensible enough from art and reality point of view. Do let me know if you can educate us on this with your own valuable experience. 🙂

Cheers, Marvin

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