KeyMail Aims to be Your Private Personal Email Assistant [UnPluggd Demo #2]

keymails-logoKeyMails processes your mails and ranks them in the order of importance to you. The KeyMails machine learning algorithms automatically learn from past email behavior – how you respond to different people, the relevance of the email content to you and many other aspects which are unique to your behavior and sorts mails.

KeyMails is a plug-in for MS Outlook and the service is fully functional offline.  KeyMails adds a new folder to Otlook where all the ranked mails are shown. This folder has all the regular features of Outlook. Your data is secure and all your data remains on your computer. It uses client side processing.

KeyMails hopes to improve productivity, by enhancing the familiar Outlook experience and has faster email processing and indexing. With the machine sorting you will not miss another important email again and can conquer email overload by leaving out unimportant mail.

KeyMails is a product from Colimetrics Software and the team consists of Pankaj Kulkarni, Phaniraj Raghavendra, Yogi Kandlikar and Rakesh P Gopal.

The product which was in beta till now, launched at Unpluggd.

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