US Based Khan Academy Launches Hindi Tutorials In India

US-based non-profit organisation Khan Academy has launched free online tutorials in Hindi in India.

The e-learning website which is backed by Google and Microsoft globally, will be funded by ChrysCapital founder Ashish Dhawan-led Central Square Foundation (CSF) in India.

khan academy

Khan Academy was founded in 2006, by financial analyst Salman Khan. The academy offers free online tutorials to students across the world.


“We want to work in a way that allows us to reach to most number of students in India. My gut sense says the government students need them (the tutorials) more. We will work with both private and government institutes and figure out where they get the most traction. As we see models that work, we are going to replicate them across geography,” said Khan.

The academy has so far translated around 500 mathematics video tutorials for class 5 to class 8. Currently, it will stick to NCERT syllabus for mathematics and will gradually expand and translate for all classes. [source]

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