Kicks Shoots Football Trivia and Instant Updates on Android


Kicks Shoots Football Trivia and Instant Updates on Android

The FIFA World Cup 2014 kick started last week. With the month-long mega event still in its early stage, it’s not quite incorrect to say that for the next couple of weeks, our lives will be revolving around the game.


While we all hanker for soccer updates, streaming services have been total downers. But for all you fans who still want to keep up with the biggest tournament, and read exclusive, quality content about your favorite teams, players and the game, we have an app for you.

While there are plenty of apps that serve your purpose, but a vast majority of them will require you to launch the individual app and explore various sections to get to the content. If you find that process jarring, you will love this newly launched app called Kicks.

Launched recently by Pugmarks, Kicks is an interesting app that finds the most relevant content for you. Whether you’re checking your Facebook timeline, or scrolling through your Twitter feed, or just browsing the web, Kicks integrates with those apps and automatically detects as soon as you browse football related keywords and content.


When you come across a football-centric page or anywhere that has similar content, say someone on your news feed mentioned Messi, a small football — much like Facebook Chat Heads — will appear on the screen. Upon clicking on that ball, you will be catered to some interesting facts about Messi and a magazine that garners quality articles featuring Messi.

Once you have installed the app on your phone, you will have to enable the accessibility feature for Kicks. While the application will guide you on that, you can manually enable it as well. Go to the Settings > Accessibility. Under the Services tab, turn the accessibility for Kicks on.

In our testing, we didn’t find any lag, and the app worked fine on tablets as well. The app however, requires your phone to run on Android ICS (4.0) or higher. Also, you can kick that on-screen football bubble!

You can download the app from Google Play Store.

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