Kicksend Launches in India; Now Print Photos from Mobile


Kicksend Launches in India; Now Print Photos from Mobile

kicksendWhen was the last time you printed that picture you took from your mobile phone? At the max, you probably Instagrammed it, or shared with friends on social media.

Photo printing service is mainly used by professionals and enthusiasts. Services like  Canvera that cater to this demand are thriving. For those who are living a digital life, Kicksend comes as a handy solution.

Kicksend, the photo printing service based out of California, has launched their photo print mailing service in India. Now customers in India can order photo prints straight from their mobile devices and get them delivered to family or friends anywhere in the country.

All you have to do is choose photos using Kicksend‘s Android, iOS, Windows desktop apps or their website and once the selections and payment transactions are completed, the photos will be printed and shipped to your chosen location.

The company says that its service has been live and successful in the US for over a year and a half, and adding India to their international printing integrations service was of prime importance to them.

The service, Co-founded by  Pradeep Elankumaran who hails from Chennai, is available currently in USA Mexico and Canada, allows non-technical users to easily print photos using their apps or from the web and have them delivered in days directly to any doorstep.

Kicksend appWith the India launch, users in the country will have access to the similar service they provide in the USA. Kicksend’s print service in India is home-delivery only and prints are delivered in less than four days (usually 2 days) via courier, to any address, anywhere in the country.

Prints can be ordered in sizes ranging from 4X6”, which costs Rs 15.49 each, all the way 8X10”, which costs Rs 131.40 each. Standard shipping takes 5-7 days and costs Rs 52.93.

When we tried using the service, the web app offered to ship for free on the purchase of 10 prints. But the same was not the case with the Android app, where we were being charged a total of Rs 68.42 for getting a single print shipped and delivered.

Update: The service does not provide free shipping in India as of now.

Users will also be able to send albums of full-resolution photos digitally to any email address or phone number and the recipient can choose to save them to their devices or print for themselves.

As India is being integrated into the international print network, users in the US will also be able to print photos to India and vice versa. A feature that will be really helpful and cost effective to Indians living in the USA wanting to send photos prints to family and friends back home.  The service also supports printing to Canada and Mexico.

Earlier in August this year, Hewlett- Packard owned digital photo sharing and printing company Snapfish shut down its services in India along with Belgium, Netherlands and Spain.

Kicksend, founded in 2011 by Pradeep Elankumaran and Brendan Lim, is based out of Silicon Valley in California and is funded by True Ventures, Y Combinator and Digital Garage.

Q. At these printing costs, will customers in India prefer the local brick and mortar print service to the online mail delivered service?

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