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I covered the Kiko’s sell-out story here.
Tucows service, the new owner of Kiko have explained their reasons behind buying Kiko and future plans too.

Tucows, as they mention in the blog might give away the domain name (will they auction that in eBay?:), and will integrate the service to their end-users/partners.

“We will certainly monetize that as it is a space we know well, but we also may choose to sell the name off as it is not core for us. Either way it is another place where we, more than most/all other buyers who would be interested in the calendar functionality, will be uniquely able to take advantage of the assets.”

Listen to Michael Arrington (Techcrunch)’s interview/podcast with Elliot Noss.

While the online calendar space is facing heat from Google Calendar, another product HipCal has been acquired by Plaxo.

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