Mozziquit – Innovative Product that..Kills Mosquitoes

Kill mosquitoes with Mozziquit. Mosquito repellents do not kill mosquitoes, but mozziquit does (and they have received the patent for this product)

What can be innovative about a product that kills mosquitoes? Well, most of the repellents actually repel, but not kill mosquitoes and earlier attempts to make a ‘killer’ product has failed or have remained costly enough for only retail businesses to use such products.

Mangalore based startup has built Mozziquit, a mosquito trap to attract, trap and kill the female biting mosquitoes and the product claims 100% success (has been validated by ICMR).

If you ask what’s the difference between Mozziquit and several other branded products, well most of the other products are repellents and not ‘killers’. So even if you repel them for a short time, they will multiply (300 folds) at an external breading locations and will suck you more.

Mozziquit - The Mosquito Killer

Moreover, there are drawback of repellent systems – like sharp light rays and dangerous fumes which are harmful.

Mozziquit is a light weight product and claims to be active within a hurdle free radius of 160 sq. ft and consumes only 12V power (works on battery as well). What’s interesting about the product is that it’s a lifetime investment (you don’t need to refill anything) by the individual/company and the operating cost per day is as low as 25 paise.

Currently, NID is working on improving the design of the product, which is expected to be available in the next few months (expected price ~1K +).

The company has acquired patent pending status in India and has already obtained Certificate of
Registration of Design as issued by the Controller General of Patents, Designs.

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